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The little brother's database for the mutt mail readerThis package consists of a set of small tools, which collect mail addresses from several sources and offer these addresses to the mutt external query feature. At the moment the following modules are supported: - m_finger (uses the finger(1) command) - m_inmail (scans incoming mail for addresses) - m_passwd (searches /etc/passwd) - m_yppasswd (searches the YP password database) - m_nispasswd (searches the NIS password database) - m_getent (searches the configured password database) - m_pgp2, m_pgp5, m_gpg (searches your PGP or GnuPG keyrings) - m_fido (searches the Fidonet nodelist) - m_abook (uses the address book application abook(1)) - m_addr_email (uses addr-email from the addressbook Tk program) - m_muttalias (searches your Mutt mail aliases) - m_pine (searches your Pine addressbook files) - m_wanderlust (search the WanderLust alias database) - m_palm (uses your Palm database; needs libpalm-perl package) - m_gnomecard (uses GnomeCard database files) - m_bbdb (search your BBDB (big brother database)) - m_ldap (query some LDAP server) - m_evolution (search in the Evolution addressbook) - m_vcf (search in vcard files using libvformat)
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